Running Dry


This two-part, 80-minute film examines the critical water situation in Kenya, one of the world’s most water scarce countries, focusing in particular on the relationship between deforestation (of both montane forests and natural lowland vegetation cover) and the loss of water supplies to the country as a whole. The film addresses issues such as the mass clearing of bushland (for charcoal production), pollution, waste and over-exploitation of water supplies.

This film was screened on specially erected screens in the Water Dome throughout the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, August 2002 (through the Global Environment Facility of the World Bank).

Find out how the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya used Running Dry as an important educational resource: including it in 1000 information packs distributed to teachers and education leaders around Kenya in 2008, as part of their focus on Water Catchment Areas…

Year of Completion: 2002

Available in the following Languages: English, Kiswahili
Available in the following formats: DVD

If you represent an educational institution or an environmental / conservation organization in Africa, you can request a free DVD copy of this film (both languages are on the same DVD).

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